hoover vacuum

hoover vacuum
How do you fix a Hoover Windtunnel vacuum that isn’t getting suction through the hose attachment?

the vacuum is about two years old. Problem: there doesn’t seem to be much suction, expecially through the hose part. I took it apart. checked for objects, put in a new filter in the left hand compartmant, but still very little sunction. Help

You said you changed the filter on the side but the filter that usually causes suction problems is the round pleated filter in the dirt cup.
Remove the dirt cup
take out the filter assembly and take the filter off of that
go outside and bang the filter on a rock gently of course to unclog the fine dirt between the pleats or you can use a dull object to scrape out the dirt but I find it much quicker to bang the filter on a rock. You can also wash the filter carefully perhaps with an old toothbrush and I would recomend outside with a hose with just a little water, just wash the outside do not get any water on the inside and let the filter dry completely before reinstalling it.

Another common place for suction robbing cloggs is that j shaped pipe the hose connects into the bottom of that as well as the top where it narrows as it goes into the dirt cup a ruler or pencil may help in getting the clogg out.

Check the hose the easiest way is to disconnect it from the vac and drop a marble through it if it comes out theres no clogg.

Now for the last most invasive procedure but still not bad. For cloggs below the clear j shaped pipe you will want to unscrew the u shaped clamp at the base that holds the j piece and a rubber hose that goes to the bottom of the vac.
theres a plastic strap held with one screw below that remove it so you can flatten the hose out look for cloggs in that hose if the clogg is further in the base twist the hose out of the base counter clockwise and the hose will come off
next press the lever that lets the base move( the one you would unlock with your foot as you start to vac with the main carpet head) with the lever unlocked move the base so it is almost straight compared to the body of the vac (this action will open a valve that is used to divert airflow from base to hand held hose when vac is in upright position) in my house this little valve can catch hair and clogg on occasion.
remember to carefully put things back the reverse order you took them off.
this last step sounds scarry to some but it really is quite simple when you are actually doing it.

Good luck at getting more suction!

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