handheld vacuum

handheld vacuum

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Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners come in many shapes due to this sizes. Amongst their assortment of vacuums are upright, handheld and canister vacuums. Dirt Devil uses a holistic method to their product development and recognizes that different customers search for numerous features in vacuums.

Because of this, they created engineered a variety of vacuum cleaners that are bagless, ideal for cars, efficient at getting rid of allergy stimuli and pet hairs, cordless, light and straightforward to make use of.
Some of the more popular Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners are the MX887X bagless, Ultra HandVac and also the M110009 Reaction Soft Touch. They also have an unique designer series which is developed by Karim Rashid, a famous designer, that specializes in elegant and sculptural forms.

The corporation behind Dirt Devil emphasises in fun and comfort during cleaning due to this this is reflected in their colourful choice of vacuums which allow it to distinguish itself away from other organisations in the same industry.

Dirt Devil started off as a tool from TTI Floor Care North America(formerly called Royal vacuum cleaners) who grew in popularity. The Dirt Devil name turned popular and the creators started producing a Dirt Devil line which spanned a assorted selection of vacuum cleaners like the handheld vacuum which has wordwide sales of over 20 million since its release.

TTI Floor Care North America is among the oldest household appliance businesses on the planet and they try to make use of their huge experience of trial and error to create goods that their customers seek.

Dirt Devil is now among the premier manufacturers in the household cleaning sector together with Hoover and Dyson. Their rapid growth and continued product expansion has been fuelled by increased revenue of have achieved unprecedented heights of$ 408 million in year 2000 coming from just$ 5 million in 1981 using a 98% brand awareness.

The company is now a popular brand name throughout the world and together with stores throughout the country; they also have an online site which offers details on their assortment of cleaning items and also sells their machines and other cleaning equipment, parts and accessories.

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