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floor vacs
flooded finished basement?

hey there. we just had our basement finished by owens corning in november. weve been thru a few storms and just had a little bit of water under our slider door no biggie. but i live in mass and the past 3 days has been alot of rain and today woke up with the carpet near the walls soaked. our house does not have a sump pump thats built into the ground, as the foundation is perfectly level. we have been using 3 wet dry vacs but the water is creeping through a few cracks all around our foundation. just any ideas on how to stop the water from creeping in from 1 of our rooms thats just concrete for the floor. it was never finished its near the water heater. getting so aggravated so sry if i left any details out. thanks in advance, ill be happy to update if u have questions

Our basement flooded 2yrs ago from rain and the sump pump went out and had to call a professional service in to clean up the water and dry the basement. It was a huge mess and I know how you feel, it’s horrible! I would have a sump pump installed into the ground to prevent this from happening again.
It would probably be better to get a professional in your home to look at your basement asap. If you don’t, you might have more damage trying to solve the problem yourself. If you have homeowners insurance, these companies usually bill the insurance company directly. Of course, you would be responsible for your deductible. Is your hot water tank off the cement floor so the water does not damage it? I know it’s a bad situation and I wish you the best of luck!

So far, so good! Great cordless vacuum.

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