floor scrubbing machine

floor scrubbing machine
Sealed tiles have pin hole air bubbles?

I have cleaned with a scrubbing machine and mopped the surface until mop wrang out clean, I did let the tiles dry after mopping first before applying seal, then applied first coat of “Plaza” seal waited until dry then applied second coat, but after second coat near door has pin hole bubbles.

How do I fix this as the rest of the floor looks awesome…can I buff it and if so how?

I tile every day of my life, and suspect answer #1 is probably your best option.

What I’m most curious about is the rationale behind sealing tile at all, unless it was unglazed in the firing process? Obviously some do seal grout after the fact.

Steven Wolf

The bubbles are usually caused by agitation of the substance being applied. That can happen in the can, or even in the method of application.

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