floor carpet sweepers

floor carpet sweepers
Best Carpet Sweeper?

I recently had a laminated floor put down in my living room, and I’ll soon have tile in my kitchen, hallway and bathroom. I have carpeting in my bedrooms. I’m looking for a product to clean all three .. at the same time. Such as a sweeper/mop type of product. I bought a Bissell Flip-Ease™All-in-One Vacuum and Mop but it leaked A LOT and didn’t vacuum very well. I then purchased a Dirt Devil sweeper for the laminated and carpets but .. it too doesn’t work very well. It sounds like it’s scraping on my laminated flooring. So I’m returning it. I’m considering buying a Oreck Restaurateur Floor Sweeper (that also vacuums) .. has anyone tried it? Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone tried another product that truly worked and been happy with it? Thank you very much …

There isn’t one that can do all three. Unfortunately you’re going to have to have a vacuum and a swiffer or something like that. Sorry 🙁

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