eureka vacuum filters

eureka vacuum filters
Please help! WHat is wrong with my Vacuum cleaner?

I believe it is a Eureka and is still relatively new (maybe 6 months old).

basically it sounds like the motor is stuck on over drive or something, I’ve disassembled most of it and cleaned it to where it is like new, It is a bagless and all the filters and such are also clean,

This happened to my last vacuum too. Any ideas? There isn;t any thing stuck but so why does the vacuum sound 5 times louder then when it was new… like i said, its like it stuck in overdrive. the suction even works, its just unbearably LOUD.!

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

Does this vacuum cleaner have a impeller that it uses to force the air to suck in?
Maybe the impeller is worn out or there is something wrong with the motor as well.
Maybe something is stuck some where you are not aware of in a hose or something.
Be surprised what they find in the shops when they open these up.

Maybe time for a new one a good one next time.

Good luck

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