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enchanted broom

Andéols Domaine Des, France Provence is a perfect example of what deposit. Welcome, Generosity and Authenticity to the tourists.

In the heart of Lubéron standing on the little pond and surrounded by olive and cherry groves, Domaine des Andéols a perfect example of what the mood is welcoming spirit and must be presented. Domaine des Andéols travelers a small village. Includes nine home in Provence. Otherwise incompatible because each store memories. Memories of travel experience. Find each piece of furniture emotional fabric of each color, each line, each work of art objects tell the story in each one and only.

This house of love is greater than that of the waterfall is home to the house always; To continue to be based in remote locations. … Home of the Terraces on the conversation.

Red house, while neighbors. White House home to artists and House of Traveller seem ready for removal Nine home, free and independent vast and warm and refined comfort. Nine invited to travel to travel and grow quiet and hedonistic Two more join the house to find and share. House of taste (a restaurant) and the Water House (Baht Turkey). And around all to find many. : Infinite and changing the landscape roll; Prasert village of Lubéron; As the market for less. truffles and big festivals danse, music and drama became so in Aix – en – Provence, Avignon or Orange … the Domaine des Andéols, home of Alain Ducasse invention hotel business in the future. Welcome here, service, decor. Comfort, food, and the discovery is so sure of that feeling immediately. House is mingled with the feeling that they are drilling over other criteria to the legend.

Here pleasure of the table is correct. Professional and easy to immediately find the rhythm of the seasons for cooking ingredients in the orchard and vegetable garden

Les Andéols of this is about taste Symphony. superposed other art objects for each table brings warmth and beauty more fun to stay special.

Nine House, a unique and welcome. Singular, mysterious and multifaceted home

The smells of Africa or Asia as. Provence, evoking deco modern art and the most successful. Remain confidential other music picture books do. wanderings reached home from a trip. Patrizia and Olivier Massart find hotels of the future. : Here and elsewhere, today and Near and far future, dream and reality, light and shadow and discretionary services. Peace and happiness and beauty amusements.

Painting, sculpture, photographs, books, art, music sketches. … From all corners of the world, all decoration. Les Andéols art is omnipresent. One of the key elements of Stay at Domaine les Andéols and all around the scene in the heart of the cultural and artistic edge. Seasonal one after another. Throughout the year: dance music opera. Photography Series: Aix – en – Provence, Arles, Avignon, Lacoste, La Roche d 'Anthéron orange Vaison – la – Romaine … to easily form. les Andéols.

Hills of Lubéron, Vaucluse mountains all their inspiration. Still thinking from the balcony of the house or in the street. And directions of landscape health by God in search of discovery. Each user can choose his wealth of opportunities in the property. Roads and paths take you to the discovery of nine The ten most beautiful villages in France from Ménerbes to Roussillon, Gordes from Lacoste … go to the waterfall. Fontaine – de – Vaucluse or watermills of Islesur – la – Sorgue, located in the arms of the river Prasert Sorgue … the abbeys of Senanque Silvacane … and to find

All of the shadows on the left side of Check here: Beckett and Picasso, Chagall and Coco Chanel,. the Marquis de Sade … the wrong man.

Omnipresent deep blue water and hills purple color. Garlands of cypress trees. Row, olive and cherry. … And the lavender, garden. Vegetable patches, the chef comes to flowers. Vegetables and fruits, which makes his beautiful table. Hot, natural and innovative, one can find

guarrigues, carpets with forests of oak and the Yom. Rosemary, broom and boxwood, and a blend of unique elements. Outside the home at the pool table in the library will continue to stimulate emotions. les Andéols.

Add a beautiful place and a special environment. : Furniture and objects of art. here; Beauty and quality of hospitality and service. Refinements and initiatives of the food. One thought of Baudelaire and Matisse for all this peace and order luxury sensual satisfaction.

This country by PR. God with a variety of terrain. What could be easier to find, and from les Andéols charming beauty of the escarpments of torture. Lubéron the ancient village on the wall. their high perches combine serious scent of thyme. Rosemary, marjoram, thyme. Savory, sage, mint and early. bay, carpet that garrigues forests of cedar, pine almonds. sequoias and switch to the olive fields of lavender eyes expansion as seen in the plateau of Vaucluse Apt all the way from Roussillon: the path to a red, yellow soil that was passed. vertiginous Colorado de Rustrel, winds up and beautiful waterfalls Chaussée géants des of Fontaine – de – Vaucluse, which Petrarque singing of the lake. d 'Espardon, Régalon and cranny of la Véroule or chiselled relief as the lace. Montmirail … pushing forward. Along the Mediterranean that day at the beach from the cabin which can be used on the majestic and mysterious. rock inlets of Cassis and walk along the Corniche des Crêtes. … From the Domaine des Andéols, horseback or foot hot air balloon is the infinite number of paths is unfolding. the infinite landscape of Provence.

Streets. Provence invariably lead to market The Forcalquier, Lourmarin or Saint – aturninlès – Apt close all les Andéols overflowing with fruits, vegetables and flowers. By not forgetting the famous sweet fruit and jam. jellies rarely other markets for silk cocoons. Gordes for truffles or a special or local in Croagnes in Sault, rivaling Antiques Fair in the Isle – sur – la Sorgue discovered to be final and Domaine.

des Andéols button will give just a bit more. It also found more and meet the heat and excitement too. Gypsy Pilgrimage to the good. Saintes – Maries de la Mer, access across the flat terrain of the water. The Camargue punctuated by silhouettes of parents on horseback; Bullfights in Nîmes, in addition to the ancient Roman amphitheater in the center of Bullfighting in France

Taking advantage of the monarchy to stay calm and forthright about the garden, swimming pool and Turkish bath of the library. Domaine … but near close to other activities. To offer to visitors from les Andéols: the joys of horse riding, golf, tennis and relax in the spa, even for an adventure that attracts darkness. speleological. In the very depths of caves punctuating flanks of the mountain. Lubéron and Vaucluse and arms inside the rows of vines and forest paths. Meadows to be useful for Domaine picnicking picnics prepared to taste and one in the shadow of "borie" the strange stone. sheepfolds on the slopes of the Mourre Nègre, the highest in Lubéron.

Genuine high-Provence Center discusses the old civilizations of nature and culture have long since developed into discussion Bearing witness, among others, as one of the immemorial rock necropolises. Carluc, souvenirs of Greece and other traces. Many of victory to Rome Arles. Vaison – la – Romaine by the way, Nîmes, Pont du Gard and Orange … today. Drama, music and dance at the residence to ebb and flow of music and dance festival with characteristic aroma it. Areas that will be easy from les Andéols to join Live show of contemporary visual art and notably the "Rencontres. Photographiques "in Arles," la Fondation Yvon Lambert "in Avignon," Carré d 'Art "in Nîmes. And museums in Marseille.


Aéroports. Airport

Avignon (25 mn), Marseille (1 hour). Nîmes (1h).

Health Gares TGV TGV.

Aix – en – Provence (55 mn) Avignon (45mn), Marseille (1h10), Nîmes. (1h).

If you want us to deliver the station. TGV or the airport to the Domaine des Andéols.

By Car

The N100 from Avignon to Coustellet then. D2 in the direction of Gordes in the direction of D2. Saint – Saturnin – les – Apt Andéols Les located 2 km before Saint – Saturnin – les – Apt right.

Domaine des Andéols a member of the pages as well as a small collection of luxury travel. Hotel instead of the best places in the world and reality.

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