driveway sweeper

driveway sweeper
What purpose would a city have for prohibiting parking in a residential area during certain hours?

I’ve checked the city ordinances, and there is no purpose stated. It only says that “the city council shall determine and designate streets and locations within the city on which parking shall be prohibited during certain hours or at all hours.”

We have (and need) four cars in my household, but between the garage and the driveway, there is only room for three cars. Parking on the street is prohibited every day between 2am and 5am.

I would think that it would be for street sweepers, city engineers, and garbage collectors, but they are never out working at those hours — they’re out during the day.

I suppose I may ultimately have to find out from the city council, but I was hoping that perhaps somebody here may have some insight.

It might be to keep people who live in their vehicles from sleeping in residential neighborhoods, something that the homeowners could agree is a good thing. Just a guess. It might also be so that people don’t leave disabled vehicles on the street. Having that 2am to 5am restriction is a good way to accomplish either of those scenarios.

In my neighborhood, there is a No Parking between 9am and noon on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month on 1 side of the street (for street cleaning) and No Parking on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays between 9am and noon on the other side of the street (to clean the other side of the street).

Each municipality has its own rules for its own reasons; ask your representative what the City’s reasoning is as it applies to residential streets and explain your situation: I know that some cities have residential Parking decals that neighborhood residents stick inside their windshields, which allows those citizens to park the way that YOU need to, but keeps non-neighborhood people from clogging YOUR streets. In DC, for example, each neighborhood has a particular Designation Number which Parking Authority/Police can see and thereby not give a ‘legal park-er’ a ticket.

As far as 2am to 5am street cleaning and garbage collection is concerned, most municipalities have noise ordinances that would prevent such activity, usually between 10pm and 6am, at least in purely residential areas, or some variant of those times.

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