dirt devil upright vacuum

dirt devil upright vacuum
My vacuum won’t pick up?

I have a Dirt Devil upright. I took it apart and cleaned it all out because it wasn’t picking up well, put it together, and no suction. Bags in properly, why could this be happening?

Check the hoses completely. I have and have had uprights, where I THINK I have got it all cleaned out, but there is always one that goes in somewhere that I can’t seem to get into. UNPLUG the unit and use a coat hanger to fish ever so carefully through all the hoses and in addition, you might want to check the filter to make sure it is clean and clear. I once had picked up part of a bread bag that clung to the side of a hose, but when it was turned on, it BLOCKED the hose with all the incoming stuff. So check carefully! CLOGS are sneaky! Also check the brushes and belts to make sure all of them are functioning properly. See if one is broken, it might look okay, but when you tug on it, you will see how loose or tight it is. Replace if loose, or tighten it, or replace it! Also, on one of my uprights, the brushes become clogged with hair. I have to clip all the hair off the brush and then dispose of it and WAH LA, presto chango the thing picks up again! Otherwise it wants to spit it all over the house but won’t pick it up! Hope this helps you! Good luck!

Dirt Devil Reaction Dual Cyclonic Upright Vacuum

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