cordless broom

cordless broom
Swivel Sweeper or Swiffer Vac?

which one is better? Im looking for a cordless stick vac to pick up the dust what a broom misses My house has laminate wood flooring and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom which product is better and are there any others like them?

Hi, my wife and I both work full time and have only the weekend for a full clean-up. But the weekday messes are important to stay ahead of and I have tried them all. Hands down the very best tool at my disposal is the Electrolux ‘Ergorapido’. It’s a dry vac and a hand vac in one. You can leave it on the base charger as long as you want with no damage to the battery, so it’s always ready. It has a roller brush on the bottom with rubber paddles which makes it awesome for lint and hear. It’s powerful, very quiet and last long on a full charge. I have an 1100 sf house up and down with no carpet, say for a few mats, and I can do upstairs and down and it’s still going. It’s very easy to clean to! It has a 2-speed switch on the handle and it bends and twists in ways no other vacuum can. I barley take out my Kenmore canister vac anymore. I’m telling you, If you don’t buy this vac you are missing out on something awesome. Check it out on the Electrolux website. I got mine at my local Costco for $89. I have wasted way more then that on all the other vacs like the swiffers, eurekas, black&deckers, hoovers and more. My mother is a real clean freak and refused to pay over $50 for a small vac, but when she came to our house and used this little powerhouse she was sold.
It’s a lot of money, I know, but trust me you’ll think you ripped off electrolux for only paying $89.

Hoover Slider Rechargeable Cordless Broom

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