consumer reports handheld vacuum

consumer reports handheld vacuum

Top 3 Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Types

Dyson And Its Tecnonology

James Dyson founded the company after seeing how problems existed in current vacuums that lost suction power, and spent time developing prototypes ( over 5000) that eventually led to the production of the dual cyclone technology; the first vacuum that did not require bags.

The company continues to be exciting with its new designs that leave most other companies in the dark scratching their heads, like the Dyson ball that was the first vacuum that could move more that just backwards and forwards to enable users better manoeuvrability around furniture or awkward corners.

Top 3 Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

There is a wide range of dysons worth mentioning that are high performance lean mean vacuum cleaning machines, and here are some examples that we found out perform many vacuum brands, although pricey.

The Upright Dyson

Many Dyson vacuums designed with the ball have become popular in households needing a vacuum cleaner that turns and moves with ease, that includes the all floors DC25 model. The ball design stands out above the rest for the ability to turn corners and hard to reach awkward places that uprights which can only go forwards and backwards can’t. There is a wide range of uprights designed by Dyson for various needs as well as the DC25 model.

Cannister Vacuums By Dyson

The upright vacuum form Dyson performs great and offers home owners great suction power, although they are not best suited for all needs. The cannister Dyson DC23 is a model we rate well for its features like the the HEPA lifetime filter and backisafe screen that kills off bacteria, mold and allergens. Its once again the advanced features that make the Dyson DC23 a top choice for home owners which includes the brush bar that’s air driven, that will work on hard floors when switched off and short pile carpets when on.

Handheld Dyson

The DC31 Dyson Animal vacuum is a lightweight handheld type that suits those that own pets and for the clean it up-quick jobs, that saves pulling the main vacuum cleaner out for a small amount of cleaning. Its pretty small but an effective handheld that is 12.7 inches in height, 4.5 inches deep, 8 inches wide and weighs in at 3.4 pounds. Its suction power is sufficient for most minimal household cleaning that saves money like most Dysons by having no need to purchase vacuum bags.


Dyson vacuum cleaners have become the leaders in the market for household cleaners that provide bagless vacuums that do not lose suction, well that have improved suction power. The 3 Dyson types above provide an overview of three designs from a huge range, although these 3 rate very well amongst consumer reports and reviews.

Dyson produce high performance cannister, handheld and upright vacuums that will suit the needs of one persons household but not everyone’s, making it worthwhile comparing each Dyson model and type or other brands that perform well. The main disadvantage is affordability, although money on replacement bags is saved.


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