consumer reports dyson

consumer reports dyson
Why does Consumer Reports rate the Dyson so poorly when most users love it?

Consumer Reports has rated the Dyson poorly. Most reviews I’ve read have been stellar. The main drawback is the price. I’d like to know why it’s so low on the CR list, and if real users find the following issues problematic:
– when emptying the bagless container, dust/crud flies back in the air.
– hepa filtration (does it really work?)
– allergy sufferers – how is it?

BTW, my dog is a shedding machine, so my house has dog hair EVERYWHERE…

I have one, the green and purple model, can’t remember what its called. FABULOUS!!!!! better than any other brand I have ever had.
1. I usually empty my container onto the garden, or the compost heap, and I have never had a problem with particles of any kind flying back into the air.
2. the hepa filtration really does work. My daughter also has one, and can’t handle dust in the air. She has no problems now.
3. Don’t know on this as I don’t have allergy problems. But then are the others any better?

The ones with bags certainly let dust fly everywhere when emptying
The are a bit expensive, I paid $799 for mine two years ago, but then comparable range models in other cleaners are in the same price bracket
I also have a dog, mostly indoor, plus cats, and the first time I used my machine I was horrified at just how much hair it collected. And I thought my Hoover was doing a good job. (That was a top range one as well….heap of junk)
Hope that helps……….

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