consumer reports dyson vacuum cleaners

consumer reports dyson vacuum cleaners

News Flash! Get the Latest Information From a Consumer Report On Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably at least made the first high level decision on finding the right vacuum cleaner for your needs. That decision of course was between an upright or a canister design style vacuum.

As far as getting the latest information from a consumer report site, magazine or forum, my advise is don’t bother! At least until you understand what requirements, features and functionality are important for you to have in a new vacuum cleaner. Without knowing what you want, how will you know when you find it? See the problem?

To compare upright vacuum cleaners you need to know what details and construction features you’re comparing against. To actually make any consumer report or review on upright vacuums of any value, you need to know what features to compare. A comparison on if the reviewer preferred the Red cranberry color or the yellow has no value for the great majority of us consumers. So naturally we want to give more consideration features that are more important for our intended use and for out family and not the reviewers.

Decide on the level of quality you need. Adult households typically don’t get as dirty as those with a houseful of kids and pets. If your home is mostly adults, the quality level isn’t as important as other factors. Decide on the quality level and remember this is almost always a trade off on price. The problem with consumer report information is that a good deal isn’t good if we can’t afford it. What we really want is VALUE. A new Rolls Royce automobile “on sale” for 250,000 dollars may be a “good deal” but it doesn’t meet most of our needs and is still out of our price range.

Other things to consider:

Bagless or bag design. This will eliminate many vacuums from the competition

HEPA exhaust Filtration. If allergies are a concern this is an important one.

Washable filters. If you need HEPA but don’t want to be constantly replacing filters, then washable lifetime filters are the way to go.

As you continue to make these decisions, it becomes clearer what is the best type of vacuum cleaner to consider. Armed with a clear knowledge of what you demand and need, information from a consumer report or other source on upright vacuum cleaners will become much more important. It will help you make the final decision on what vacuum cleaner is the best for you!

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