consumer reports canister vacuum cleaner

consumer reports canister vacuum cleaner

Dirt Devil 085805 Bagless Vacuum Review

The Dirt Devil has been a popular and well-known brand name in the vacuum cleaner marketplace. Now there is a full-size model available that is both powerful and bagless – the Dirt Devil 085805.


Any vacuum needs a powerful motor to be considered effective at cleaning, and the 085805 does not disappoint in that area. It comes equipped with a 12 amp motor, more than enough power to pick up the toughest dirt and pet hair.

One feature of this Dirt Devil model that one might notice first is its light weight compared to other similar models. The vacuum itself glides easily and can adapt quickly to a variety floor heights and carpet thicknesses. The 085805 is bagless and includes a MicroFresh filtration system that traps over 99 percent of dust and allergens, according to the manufacturer.

Bags or Bagless?

Much has been said about the advantages and disadvantages of bagless over bagged model vacuum cleaners. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal opinion. With that being said however, the Dirt Devil 085805 gets a thumbs up for its bagless design and performance.

One aspect that consumers seem to love about this Dirt Devil model is the ability to pick up pet hair quickly and with great ease. If you have pets that shed, a reliable vacuum is mandatory. Where the 085805 model shines is its ability to not only extract pet hair from carpet and furniture, but also the fact that its bagless designs keeps the hair and microscopic particles from being released back into the air.

Design Features

As with many modern vacuums on the market today, this vacuum’s power switch is located at the base of the vacuum and is foot-operated. Because of its location so close to the motor, the area around the on/off switch is prone to become hot when used for long periods of time. The power cord also comes out from the bottom of the machine.

This design can be annoying at times because many users report that it is easy to get the machine caught underneath the power cord. This situation can be avoided by holding a portion of the cord in your hand as you vacuum. To do this all the time does get old after awhile. On a more positive note, the machine does not require manual winding of the cord when the job is complete. Simply flip a plastic tab and the cord will self wind in an instant.

Noise Level

If you are searching for a super quiet vacuum than this Dirt Devil is not for you. However, it is no louder than any other average vacuum cleaner on the market today. Let’s face it, vacuum cleaners are generally not designed for super quiet operation. If you don’t mind the normal sound of a vacuum, than this model will suit you fine.

Bagless Convenience

If you are tired of buying and inserting vacuum cleaner bags than you will love the simplicity of this canister model vacuum. The contents of the canister can easily be emptied directly into the trash can.  It is suggested that the filter should be emptied and cleaned out of doors since it is tricky to clean without spilling dust indoors.

Some users find that emptying the canister after each use a little annoying, especially because the filter invariably gets hair and dust embedded inside its grooves. Again, this is personal preference and may not be a problem for you unless you have above average pet hair or if your house gets overly dirty from lots of foot traffic.


The Dirt Devil 085805 comes with the usual attachments for vacuuming those hard to reach places. First detach the intake hose from the base, then connect the extension hose to the intake hose located on the right front of the machine. Some may find this inconvenient when having to reach down to the ground each time the attachments are used.


We all want our vacuums to do one thing well – pick up as much dirt and dust as possible. In this area, the Dirt Devil 085805 shines. Its light weight and ease in manueverability are another advantage. A few more carefully thought out design areas would have been nice, but overall this vacuum cleaner is an excellent machine for the money.  Overall rating?  4 our of 5 stars.  Priced at under $75, the Dirt Devil  085805 bagless vacuum is a machine should serve you well.

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