consumer reports best canister vacuum

consumer reports best canister vacuum

Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners —

The list of Miele canister vacuums is long and glorious, giving any consumer a lot to choose from. It can be difficult to sift through all these great models.

Rest assured that with such a wide range of choices, Miele has a vacuum built just for you; it’s merely a matter of narrowing down options.

If you are looking for something basic yet effective, the lowest-cost Miele canister vacuum model is the Polaris. This vacuum gives you the impressive 1200-watt Miele motor, 3-way high-powered filtration system, and lightweight durability that have made Miele a household staple in Europe.

Because of its lower price tag, the Polaris won’t come with as many extras as some of the other models. But it is still a high-class vacuum cleaner with at least 10 years of quality performance, and you’ll love using it.

The S514 Solaris series is about on par with the Polaris, but is slightly more expensive because it features the superior HEPA filter. This filter can capture micro pathogens down to 0.3 micron size, making your household safe and comfortable for even the most severe allergen and asthma sufferers. It also comes with a convenient telescopic wand, three accessories, and a swiveling head on the powerbrush. This upgrade will be worth your money.

When it comes to the most all-around popular canister vacuum, Miele’s S4210 Antares Galaxy series takes the prize. Consumers agree that it is the best Miele canister vacuum for the money, packing an impressive array of features and accessories. In addition to what the other vacuums have, the Antares offers you a power control switch, a turbo brush, a parquet brush for hardwood floors and two filter options to customize your cleaning experience. Antares’ extremely quiet operation belies its incredible suction power. It has a 29.5-ft. cleaning radius and is only 19 inches tall.

The Flamenco, the Carina, and the Orion are all slightly upgraded versions of the Antares, but Miele’s priciest and most goodie-packed canister vacuums are the S5 series: the Capricorn and the Aquarius. They both feature the popular telescopic wand, which expands and contracts to fit your needs and makes cleaning a breeze.

Both models also have a high-tech monitor on the canister that shows you the speed of your vacuum and the amount of electric power available. They resist rust and corrosion; have two powerhead sizes, a HEPA filter, and all the Miele attachments including a parquet brush.

Consumers report that the main difference between the Capricorn and the Aquarius is that the Capricorn comes with a hose handle, making it slightly more expensive. Apart from this feature, they are nearly twins in terms of brilliant engineering and sleek looks.

Some common features between all Mieles canister vacuums:

  • Easy handling and storage
  • Powerful filter
  • 1200-watt motor and sealed suction
  • Standard crevice and upholstery tools
  • Lightweight design

The obvious attraction for canister vacuums like the Miele is their lightweight design, which allows them to be carried easily and placed on uneven surfaces such as stairs. Miele does this especially well and goes one better with their 10 year guarantee. Such durability and reliability make this vacuum very cost-effective, and its attractive looks make it a great accessory for your house.

Consumers report that they often get confused when differentiating between the various Miele canister models. They feel that the price scale is unbalanced because the main difference between vacuums seems to be accessories rather than basic power. All Miele canister vacuums have the same great suction ability.


No one can match the clean, efficient German design that Miele makes possible. This company is unparalleled when it comes to beautiful, hardworking machines that make vacuuming a pleasure. Consumers are extremely satisfied with the suction power and the versatility of their machines; you can vacuum your computer keyboard with it one minute, then turn around and suck up gravel or wood splinters the next. Miele canister vacuums are the gold standard.

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