cleaning equipment

cleaning equipment

Steam Cleaning Equipment

Steam cleaning equipment ranges from steam guns and pressure washers to steam generators. Depending on your requirements, steam cleaning equipment can be the least expensive and most reliable equipment you can use.

Steam cleaning equipment like steam guns are used to direct steam for the use of cleaning or releasing wrinkles in clothing. When used for cleaning, steam guns are important for longer reach and ease of use in hard to reach places. These are commonly used in the cleaning of restaurant kitchens, homes and even mechanics are known to use this type of steam cleaning equipment to degrease and cleanse everything under your hood. Most steam guns are built to withstand water up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and will allow about 12 gallons per minute through the barrels. For the most maximum of cleaning powers, the construction of the guns can allow up to 1,500 pounds per square inch of pressure to go through the handle for use. Most steam cleaning equipment is made of steel that is at least an eighth of an inch thick to help protect hands and arms from burns due to the heat of the steam.

Steam cleaning equipment would not be possible without the steam generator. A steam generator is a machine that takes in water through one pipe, heats the water to a specific temperature and then redistributes the steam out through another pipe for use. There are different pressures to choose from when it comes to steam cleaning equipment, but the average will create at least 350 pounds per hour of steam to be sufficient for cleaning. These generators can be used in greenhouses to help keep windows and floors clean, for trucking companies to use for cleaning the external portions of their trucks and trailers as well as for cleaning up restaurants and homes or vehicles. Most steam generators operate on 115 volts of amperage, with boiler horse powers ranging from 11 BHP up to 30 BHP for industrial cleaning.

Steam cleaning equipment like the average industrial steam cleaner is used for degreasing, sterilizing and disinfection as well as cleaning surfaces for preparation of other substances and even floors. Many steam cleaners used in the home are electric in nature, although older models still ran on gasoline. These newer models are generally user friendly and offer many types of added pieces of equipment for cleaning furniture, stairs and drapery. Steam cleaning equipment has become much easier to move due to lighter materials being used, and the average home floor or carpet steam cleaner now only weighs about 20 pounds. Removable dirty pans for the discarded water and cleanser have created an easier option for many, as older steam cleaning equipment had no removable parts. The user would have to fill and empty the cleaner by dumping the entire machine onto its side. Thank goodness for technology and intelligence. The steam cleaning equipment used today is a reflection of the ideas and usefulness that those with dirty carpets have longed for.

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