carpet sweeper

carpet sweeper
Whre can I buy a carpet sweeper?

Do you remember those little sweepers that is kinda like a vacum but does not plug-in. And it has 2 rollers on the bottom to to suck-up stuff as you push it back and forth over the carpet. It also has a thin, tall, metal handle with a wide bass were the rollers are on the bottom. My grandmother used to have one. It was just for like cleaning smell messes without getting out the vacum. BESIDES EBAY where can i buy one of these.

Wal Mart has them; Bissell makes them; Google Bissel and see what you find;
The Swifter things are supposed to be the same thing but a little different (costs more too) just because it swivels to get under furniture. I have had my Bissell for fifteen years and it still does the job. I love it becausse I do not need to get out the vac for little bits of this and that.

Shark VX3 Cordless Floor and Carpet Sweeper @ Bed Bath & Beyond

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