carpet sweeper

carpet sweeper

Want To Buy Swivel Sweeper G2? Read This Review First

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If you want to read my review of the Swivel Sweeper, then read on.

When I opened up the Swivel Sweeper G2 I was really impressed with how simple and straightforward it was to put together. After I got done with putting it together, I was ready to go!

I hadn’t cleaned my floor in a few days and I have a baby so I knew that this would be a real test. Let’s just hope that the QuadBrush Technology thing that they talk about on the box works like it says it does.

I went over to something dry and white-ish that I had tried to scrub off by hand earlier that day. Bam, the Sweeper got it right away. I finished cleaning the floor in a few minutes, which was also a plus in itself. This thing only ways about 2lbs so it is easy to zip around the floor at lightning speed.

Ok, now to try out some carpet. I walked into the living room and there was a bunch of cereal that looked like it had been smashed into our carpet. I always hate when that happens because I used to have to get out the clunky vacuum – ugh! Well, this is where I don’t regret buying the Swivel Sweeper G2. I cleaned up the cereal within less than a minute. Everyday that this mess shows up, I just pull this thing out and it’s gone before getting stepped on and ground into the carpet.

I’d definitely recommend that everyone get buy Swivel Sweeper G2 because:

  • It is light weight and will save you a lot time with how fast you can now clean.
  • It does both floor and carpet so you save even more time that you would have spent with the pre-historic dust pan and broom.
  • It goes anywhere because of its size and this is another reason that it replaces your vacuum.

I tried to find something wrong with the Swivel Sweeper G2, but I couldn’t. It truly lives up to everything good you have heard about it and it is definitely something to buy.

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Carpet Sweeper vs. The Vacuum

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