canister vacuums

canister vacuums
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I have dogs, cats and children, a canned good vacuum? I have hardwood floors and one Carpet area is the main shock, and I want a vacuum cleaner that will not ever loose it!

Wall – Mart, Kmarts and Home Depot they have one. They gallon shop vacs. Easy to carry around a small, lightweight top handle more. You can buy them, and attachments all around 30 to 35 dollars, I use them on stage furniture. drapes, cobwebs, etc. Because of the ease of access coupled with high and low power. shop vac full size! Better than trying to implement one. canisters or spin around on one wheels.Get. Trust me to love power, price and versatility! In addition, they easily available and no bag.

Dyson DC21 Stowaway Bagless Canister Vacuum – Item: 237-260

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