Fuller Brush has Leveraged 100 Years of Experience and Created a Lotion that Captures the Benefits of Witch Hazel

Our team at Fuller Brush is very excited about our witch hazel lotion. Our company has been around for over 100 years so it made sense to us to use the remarkable natural benefits of witch hazel (which have been well documented for hundreds of years) in a multipurpose lotion that our customers can enjoy.

Often times when we go to the store we see single purpose products that can only be used for one specific application; say a hand lotion, or face cream. Therefore was important to us to encapsulate all the benefits of witch hazel into a product that can be used in many different ways thus giving our customers the best value. If there is one thing we pride ourselves on at Fuller Brush it’s offering value to our customers.

There are so many benefits of witch hazel that the product almost created itself; our real task was just managing to put it into a formula that can be used across different applications. For instance, our Fuller Brush witch hazel lotion can be used as an after shave lotion for sensitive skin, a massage cream to deliver an uplifting and tingly sensation, as a treatment for weather beaten skin; and that’s just out of the bottle.

Our Fuller Brush witch hazel lotion also makes an incredible home facial by simply adding a few tablespoons of the cream to boiling water and then holding your face above the hot water and letting the steam sooth your skin and open your pores. After the facial you can then reapply additional witch hazel lotion to lock in the moisture and tighten the pores. As if that didn’t display enough of the benefits of witch hazel you can also use it as an all over body treatment for dry skin. Simply take a bath in salted water and then use the witch hazel lotion after the bath to help lock in the soft skin exposed by your salt water bath.

Fuller Brush has a remarkable history in pop culture; appearing in such titles as The Fuller Brush Girl and The Fuller Brush Man. With this type of history at stake is important to us to maintain a high standard of quality within all of our products. That’s why with our witch hazel lotion it was so important to capture the natural benefits of witch hazel into a product that is easy to use and most importantly effective for our customers.

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