How to make my dog is not afraid of brooms?

Okay, so when I play with my dog and he saw his work at an angle broom. I organized them into the broom Try to show that he has anything to fear. He was beaten with a broom when my grandmother want him to be away from home. He hit lightly and they are afraid of the broom What I do not fear for his broom? I have tried to put the broom and grabbed his practice and work with treatment.

Do not force him to close. It does not stop him or catch him near the corner or near him, no matter what. Even if you speak about this as you still only increase the fears of his broom because he does not. If he wants to go. Try to sweep around the small room with your puppy. Him what to do, such as bones, chew toys and tasty take out the broom in the other The room did not talk to him or see him while you sweep. But see him from the corner of your eye to make sure that he was not afraid too. You never want to push him. Where he got up and moved to work or to the next room. Sweep next few minutes while keeping eyes on him. Hope that after you've done it a few minutes they will last. Comments are not threaten and he will return to chew the bone, or play with his toys. If they never get to the point that he is comfortable only put broom to try again next time. Day, you can create a closer and closer to him. But be sure to only slightly each time and never move closer if they seem serious. If he seems to move away tension. You do not talk to him whenever you do this it actually better if you completely ignore them. Just note his actions so that you know how to stay back or move forward.

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