broom vacuum

broom vacuum
Would you recommend Dyson Vacuum?

Hi, I’m looking for a good vacuum. I’ve went through a ton in the past several years, I’m tired of them not picking up dirt and food that my son throws around. Currently I am sweeping up stuff (with a broom) and then vacuuming and still no results. I’ve seen all the comments on the Dyson, but they are so mixed. I’m looking to buy the Dyson DC07. The price is horrible, I realize, but if it works, then it’s worth the money. However, if I’m just going to have to buy a new vacuum in a few years then I will go with something else. Any thoughts? Any good ideas? Thank you so much for helping me out.

My husband and I own a housecleaning company and we have had our share of using different vaccuums – including Dysons. There are two I would never recommend: 1.) Dyson and 2.) Oreck – two of the most expensive vacuums you can buy. I’m not going to tell you what to buy simply because people look for different things in vacuums. With us, our #1 priority is suction – and yes, to be honest, Dyson does have good suction but so do most new vacuums today (ones that our over $150). However, our #2 priority is the attactments and this is where Dyson frustrates us. But that is just us.

When we needed to replace one, we spent hours and days researching one that would meet our standards. My advice is to look to Consumer Reports and other consumer magazines – they accurately review vacuums and Dyson didn’t rate too good with them – right in the middle. Another group that tests quality of products is Good Housekeeping. Once again, Dyson does not carry the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Two that we have had good experiences with:

1.)Eureka Smartboss 4800 series: roughly $150. It was rated a Best Buy by Consumer Reports and carries the Good Housekeeping Seal. However, does not have too many attachments, but the suction is better than Dyson (we still haven’t found a vacuum that beats the suction of this one).

2.) The Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum: $250. We replaced the Eureka with this one after trying and returning several others. The suction is great and it cleans the air while you vacuum. Since it is new on the market – I wasn’t able to find any reviews on Consumer Reports (there may be some now). We have no complaints and it meets our standards except that it is a bit hard to clean and a little heavy, however, this is only a problem if you have to lug it up steps. But what is great about this one is that you can literally put it at the bottom of the steps and the hose stretches all the way to the top and it has a power brush accessory for the steps. It has the longest hose I have ever seen on a vacuum. It also has a button where you can turn off the brushroll for hardwood floors.

Everyone will say yes, go for a Dyson – I guess you either love them or hate them. I have had way too much experience with them, and for thoroughly cleaning houses, they are an inconvenience. A good way to research is to also go to and read the reviews on there if you haven’t already. You can also go to some department stores (like Sears, Target, etc) and literally try the vacuums. Pick them up, play with the attachments, find one that is right for you. Honestly, I think Dyson is more of a fad, like having a really nice car. It does look pretty, but it is far overrated by everyone except professionals like Consumer Reports or Good Housekeeping – they rate it where it should be.

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