bissell vacuum cleaner

bissell vacuum cleaner
Why does my vacuum belt keep breaking? And why doesnt the roller brush roll even though its completly cleaned?

I have a bissell vacuum cleaner model 3593. I have changed 7 belts, everytime i turn on the vacuum cleaner the belt breaks. As soon as I turn it on i can smell the rubber burning and then the belt snaps. I think the problem is with the roller brush, it doesnt roll like, its jammed. I cleaned it, and there is absolutely nothing on it…its as good as new. But it still doesnt roll…i read somewhere that i can disassemble it and clean it, but i dont see how i can do that. i tried turning the edges of the roller but they dont move, are they suppose to? i lost the manual so i dont know what to do now, please help.

I have one too and have changed at least 6 belts in the last 3 months! It usually happens to me if something accidently gets sucked up in there.That thing does have good suction and no matter how I try to avoid something that wasnt picked up, it still gets in there! You have to unscrew the tray that holds the brush in and pull it out. If the brush cant turn, it will break the belt.There could be something stuck underneath it that it not letting it turn properly!

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