bissell floor sweepers

bissell floor sweepers
How can I remove stale water smell in a Bissell vacuum?

I have a Bissell vacuum with the removable canister for easy disposal.
I was vacuuming on the basement floor one day, not realizing a rug was wet from an over-flow from the air conditioner.
Anyway, it didn’t harm the sweeper, but it now stinks every time I use it.I have thoroughly washed the canister and the filters, but it still reeks.

Any suggestions how I can dissolve that smell?

I soaked my shampooer basin outside with bleach one time to get rid of the smell from mine when I put it away with out dumping on accident got side tracked with kids and somebody else put it away for me actually without dumping.Next time I used it it stunk so I soaked it in the hot water with lots of bleach outside on porch for a day.Got rid of smell.

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