best vacuum cleaners

best vacuum cleaners
Best vacuum cleaner? .?

I am searching for low price vacuum cleaners that do a very good job of picking up stuff and don’t wear out easily. Do you know any good vacuum cleaners under $70. The lower the price is the better.

Head to your local vac repair shop. They will have used (but great) machines. Any new machines in the $70.00 range are crap and will break after about two years of normal use. I am kicking myself for not spending more money, and getting the Kenmore that was ranked #1 in Consumer Review. It is $250.00 but cleans like a dream, is quiet, and worked better than the Dyson.
Also, I would check with Freecycle, it is a Yahoo group that allows people to both search and find things they need at no charge.
Good Luck!

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