Which belts need to be replaced in a car?

I have a ’97 Nissan Altima with 104K miles on it. Which belts do I need to replace or check if worn out? Whats the cost to replace? Since its an old car, I just wanna spend on the critical items if possible. Thanks for reading my question.
How do I know if my car has Timing belt or Timing chain?

You should replace both drive(accessory) belts. I believe 1 is an A/C belt and the other drives everything else. This engine does not have a timing belt so that is not a concern. It should cost between $100 – $130.

Price depends on where you are located. Here on Long Island, my labor rate is $85/hr which is lower than probably any shop around. Most dealers are $105 -$125/hr. and independents fall between $95 – $110.

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