bagless vacuum cleaners

bagless vacuum cleaners
Greatest air watt suction, in a bagless vacuum cleaner?,?

I found Philips do a bagless 375 air watt suction vacuum cleaner, does anyone know of any other brands which do a higher air watt suction bagless vacuum cleaner?

not intersted in bagged vacuum cleaners, there a waste of money. Thanks

and not dyson, they max out at a misely 250 or so air watt suction.

Watts is not a rating of suction. Watts tells you how much energy is consumed running the motor. IT May actually be telling you how much power you are wasting.

Cubic feet per minute (cfm) will tell you the air flow, Water lift will give you an idea of motor torque.

As for bag-less or bags, virtually every commercial cleaning in the USA uses bags. The long term cost of use for bags is lower. They don’t have the filter replacement costs and the vacuums last longer. These are guys who count every penny and they won’t buy a bag-less

If you want a great vacuum that will last forever, buy a commercial back pack vacuum with a 150 cfm motor. Something like the Advance 6xp or the Pro-Team Super Caoch Twenty years from now you will give it to you kids. You will probably spend $15 a year on bags and filters.

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