backpack vacuums

backpack vacuums
Help I need to finish vacuuming…?

I accidently sucked up a strap from my daughters backpack…I pulled it out from the vacuum but now the brush thingy under the vacuum isnt turning, I have a Eureka Boss 12 amp. Any ideas on how to get that thing to turn again???

The belt has probably just slipped off the pulley. You will need a screw driver, turn the vacuum over, where the beater- bar -brush is exposed, unscrew the cover. You will need to put the belt over the pulley and the beater- bar- brush and put it back in position so you can replace the protective cover. In the case the belt is broken, you will have to go through the same procedure to replace it. Good luck !!! P.S. Don.t be afraid, and take your time, you can do this !!!

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum–Preparing for Operation

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