backpack vacuum

backpack vacuum
Someone is using a vacuum cleaner backpack or not.

I've never heard of it. But it seems they are together in the commercial cleaning industry. From what I understand it is a floor machine can look at the back of the line, you also need to keep up with wires and pipes. …. Is like a phone you can. Genius! The only thing I Vacs do not like about is that you can drag behind you. Thinking out of the ground! I suspect that someone designed for use at home in a very friendly person or not users. What is your opinion as bag easily and reasonably priced?

I am the parent university and we use them. They are ok once you get The wieght they arent heavy, they are larger and you need to pay attention to what is around you so you wont knock things off. I like a can with a special strip. On the wall.

ProTeam tutorial in Spanish on wearing a backpack vacuum

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