backpack vacuum cleaner

backpack vacuum cleaner
Weird question: toe injury?

I dropped a vacuum cleaner on my toe 😛 don’t ask me how, but I did.
I can bend it a little bit, so it’s not broken, right?
It has been swollen and bruised under the nail and up my toe for about three days now. It hurts to walk on it, but since I have school, I’m stuck on it all day with a 20something lb. backpack, lol. I take ibuprofen for it, and ice it whenever i can. but the ice doesn’t seem to do anything, and it just hurts more when i take the ice off. I’ve been told there’s no point in going to the doctor, cause they’re just gonna tell me what I already know.
Soo, any advice pleasee?

omg last saturday i fell down the stairs and dislocated my toe! don’t ask me how either lol but i feel your pain..but at the time i thought i broke it because i couldn’t bend it and like yours, it hurt to walk on, was swollen and bruised. so on the 4th day for me, i went to the ER and got a quick xray and found out it was dislocated!!

but ya, since it’s been about 3 days now i would go to get an xray just to be safe….true that they won’t really do anything…i was hoping they WOULD do something more but all they did was wrap it with fancy tape 😛

but you’ll feel much more relieved when u get a doctors opinion!!

hope it feels better soon :]

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