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automatic floor sweeper

Devoted TRUE.

RAMAKRISHNA – "God is aware of all routes. Religion all true.

RAMAKRISHNA – "sages Great to look like children. Before God, they are often like children. They have no pride. Strength is their strength. God they do not have to call their own. They are convinced of that

RAMAKRISHNA – who walk between the joints. The men, who go over their track as a result the saint But why he can not see spirits.

RAMAKRISHNA – "The truth is that God is true and not true else. Man, the universe, home, children – all these are like magic of the magician. Magician's wand and his appointment, said the fall! The confusion! Then he said to the audience. Open the lid: bird flying in the sky. But one true magician and his magic is not real. Not true for the second and vanishes.

RAMAKRISHNA – "Five merged in samadhi. Heaven he does not recognize the time and space, or a model drug, and your children.

RAMAKRISHNA PARAMAHANSA – "The Power was playing her first treatment and a break in playing it. … Holy mother to want to play with her Thep created.

RAMAKRISHNA PARAMAHANSA – "It is proof that there are around Not just idol? Others might see her. But I did not then I'll know how it is that you?

RAMAKRISHNA PARAMHANS – "Brahmn and Shakti like power and energy to burn. . / When we say our average automatic fire power to burn. . / Re-power the fire itself. implies. / If you accept that you have to accept another Other.

RAMAKRISHNA PARAMHANS – "He is also a attributeless. attributes. / He who is Brahmn Shakti on a charge of use. / And when he called Brahmn billion. Creator, Dong, / and the Destroyer, he called the first round. Energy.

RAMAKRISHNA PARAMHANS – one to relieve Divine Mother, Primal Energy, to receive the grace of God. God Maha who deludes the world with her illusion and conjures up the magic of creating and maintaining. Destroy

RAMAKRISHNA PARAMHANS – "The Divine Mother always playful And sport / universe to play her, she willed herself and must always / The way she's full of happiness. She gives free / one of the hundred thousand

RAMAKRISHNA PARAMHANS – "Shakti. Buddha's very difficult. It was not funny. / 1 sent two years a young mother of god. . / But my attitude has always been the natural child / Per parent.

PARAMHANSA RAMAKRISHNA – "The Power was playing her first treatment and a break in play due. This energy is called around Around the real Brahmn and Brahmn is certainly a bad one and the same reality. She played in various forms. She is the one who called. Mahakali, Nityakali, Shmashanakali, Rakshakali Shyamakali Shyamakali and have relatively mild And respect in the Hindu households. She is the Dispenser of boons and Dispeller fear of people worship at the outbreak Rakshakali host starvation drought earthquake. And flooding Shmashanakali. The center of the power of destruction.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "slaves that can be called. While God is the life of a hero, of course homeowners. God thought: 'People have abandoned the world because I will certainly pray for me. Services they need to do what I have. – Very impressive about or not. People will be crying shame if he did not do. But he is happy to pray for me in the real world among his duties. He tried to find my big obstacles overcome. – Pressure due to a large block of stone and weight tons. Such people are real heroes.

RAMAKRISHNA SRI – "A madman's strong spirit of God is taking feeling restless mother felt her own children. People of taking strong for anything but God. … He never said, 'Let me first Arrange for certain, I will think of God. He has a good resolution within.

RAMAKRISHNA SRI – "his wife had said. That her husband "I love my brother very concerned about my . Preparing for a few days ago he was thinking. renouncing the world and became a sanyasi and started. For it, he has tried to gradually reduce their demands and they want to reduce . Husband replied, "You do not need. Worry about your brother. He will not be sanyasi no one has ever Abandon the world by preparing long ., "His wife asked" why not one. sanyasi? "her husband said," You want to see one. renounces the world? Let me show you "the customer as soon as he was pulling his shirt tied around flowing piece is one piece. loins, he told his wife that she and all women to his mother left home and never go. Back

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "God's love happy. He enjoys mays different, sometimes he says "0. You are God and I am bee or Lotus you are the ocean of Satchidananda, and I fish. "God's love in a different time. says, "I am your girl dancing." They dance and sing before him. . He thought of himself as a friend of God, and sometimes he is. God's handmaiden, he sometimes looked at as a kid. Yashoda and sometimes a husband or lover is not. gopis.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "Brahmn. A reason to stop. A sample of menthol is. Nothing after the burn. – Or even ash.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "Flies. Sitting at the touch of dessert sales. Confectioner's shop in that Not through lack sweeper with basket of dirty flying over La snack basket and sit on dirty But honey bees … always drink Flowers like flies from the human world. When they receive a sweet moment of God. But the natural tendency for deposits to quickly put them back. dunghill of good people in the world while always absorbed in meditation peace of God's beauty.

RAMAKRISHNA SRI – God can not know if Roy is the least of pride.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "God created the world play.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "God created the world. play; As before, is called Mahamaya. Great Illusion, so one needs to refugees. The Divine Mother, the Cosmic Power as her own to worry about our commitment to the illusion. Consciousness of God is possible when the cuff is severed.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "have faith in the word. guru's guru and work if you have no desire to leave God and prayer. He will let you know. He is like

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – Love is the third species; Unselfish (Samartha) and (Samanjasa) and ordinary or selfish. (Sadharana) unselfish love is the highest kind. This is love, for love is welfare. The second type of love is. Love people not only loved ones. But the happiness of his love. But the happy eyes to your self. Love selfish minimum. Make people care only for their own happiness. Regardless of any feelings of love.

RAMAKRISHNA SRI – "One must feel Divine. The first parent to the Power of God's grace. God Maha who deludes the world with her illusion and conjures up a miracle of preservation and destruction.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "Jewelry can not be made of pure gold. Some have metal mixed with it. People without all the drugs will not survive more 21 days as long as humans have the drugs they need are some small But may go to operations in the work of the body.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "as long as one is not as simple as children did not receive light from God. Forget all that knowledge in the world. You get to know the children and then you will receive God's wisdom.

RAMAKRISHNA SRI – "Souls that door, to participate in liness of the world never to touch them. They are on the net. But do not realize that door. If you speak of God before they leave they are ready. Place them why God said. now? We will think of him in hours. Die, but when they are on their death bed. They said to his wife or children. : Why have put in many compounds. Lamp? Using only one wick Otherwise, oil will be burned very

RAMAKRISHNA SRI – "centuries of darkness will be distributed. As soon as power is being brought into room Sin ccumulated many lives lost one of God immediately.

RAMAKRISHNA SRI – "No toxicity of cannabis hemp, even though the word thousand. Get some pounds marijuana in solution with water and drink it and really Intoxicated. Is to use the crying. 0 God, 0 God, what dedication and regular practice you will see God.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "magnetic needle always point north and it is not a sailing school she went to waste. Very long straight at the heart of the Lord he did not disappear in the sea. worldliness.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "sun. And is the same one where any time. However, surface water, bright shiny glass and metal can be reflected fully. So God is light. It's on equal and equitable in all your heart. But hearts are pure and clean as it can be good and holy reflection.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "There are three layers of adherent One that "God up there" and he pointed to heaven. Said that God dwells in the heart is "Inner. Controller ", but slaves Development says:" God alone is. Everything everything we can perceive various forms to God. " ".

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "have Three layers of the disciples. A minimum that "God up there" and he pointed to heaven. Bao said the middle God dwells in the heart is "Inner. Controller ", but most slaves says:" God is everything. . All that we can perceive various forms to God. " ".

RAMAKRISHNA SRI – "this world is the largest that we see around us. But larger than the earth is bigger than the ocean and the ocean is blue. But Vishnu … the sky is covered soil. And the netherworld with his feet. And at the foot of Vishnu enshrined in my heart. sadhu's so heart; Be holy as the greatest of all

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "Those who give heart and soul of God and his dedication to the protection of his not to worry. Much about money as it used to. Money in and out of one another. This is what the Gita is described as a 'get what they came of their own line'. ".

RAMAKRISHNA SRI – "If the idea becomes still unable to yoga The air of worldliness that always disturbs the mind may Likened to a flame – If a candle flame does not move it, then one will achieve yoga

SRI RAMAKRISHNA. – "What is needed is absorption in God, love Him intensely Tip of the lake is Lake immortal. People caught up in it, not die, but become Some people believe that perpetuate the idea of God would be too disruptive. But is not true. God is the nectar lake; Ocean immortal called 'Immortal' in Caught in the Vedas is not dead, but true. transcends death.

SRI RAMAKRISHNA – "The truth is that God is real. And no other real men, the universe. Home and children – all these are like magic of the magician. Magician's wand and his appointment, said the fall. To confuse '! Than he told the audience. 'Open the lid: bird flying in the sky', but one true magician and his magic is not real. And not actually for two. vanishes.

SRI SANKARACHARYA, Lahiri SAUNDARYA – "You (Devi) has come your way. akasa; You also have the power, water and earth with you. When you change yourself in this manner in the form of what the universe is over (Is) not (already) included in you. It is change itself. In the universe that you assume the form of happiness. – Consciousness as his consort Shiva Shakti this

SUKTAM SRI – "0 Agni, you may comfort Mahalakshmi, destruction of evil. But compassion for disciples, the residence of her auspicious. Given special protection and beauty. bedecked with jewelry valued at thousands of Sun shining example; May the Hiranmayi, we are pleased with fairy gold.

SRIAUROBINDO – "On summits I have my peace. brooded voice around me.

BHAGAUATAM SRIMAD – "mind" is meditation on God's strong showing in the win. sattwa rajas and tamas No more will a fever after worldliness aspiration Tranquillity comes to heart by nobody. Stillness that lights when there is no oil will increase

BHAGAVATA SRIMAD – "those gopis who are happy to surrender their hearts to God. Krishna, while working in his country as well as milking cattle. Na massage Churning curd, sweeping. Smearing the floor with cow dung, pacifying children sing their song. lullabies and clean clothes, they sing God's praise. Krishna to their hearts filled with love eyes filled with tears neck Ana him with a sense of suffocation.

PURANA BHAGAVATA SRIMAD – "recognition of her Son endowed with the character of God Vishnu. Devaki prayed: You shine in life. psycho – physical all Reality is ambiguous. Vedas declared umnanifest when the universe is dissolved by the power of time and will include the elements in ahankara (cause )…! Your left and one called. Sesha (waste) your Chao Tune which extend from the twinkling of an eye for years. dispeller of infinite … you do not fear that the evil (Kamsa) know your birth through me. Remove this supernatural four arms decorated with the beautiful trumpet. Chan, mace and lotus, you, the Supreme People at the back end of the universe. (Last stop) in your this vast universe.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – "It is a spider build out its own thread. Go out, play with it again and then remove itself.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – as a spider build thread out. From his own mouth and then withdraw again to play with myself, so in the eternal unchangeable God without form and attributes that are less complete and exact. Happiness, and evolution of the universe itself, and play with it again withdraw into themselves.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – "Blessed is the man in the Garden, even to this was real love and pure intelligence may achieve only man.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – "the man reflects my

BHAGAVATAM SRIMAD – "pain by people clouds pouring down rain anytime and all these animals are their livelihood.

BHAGAVATAM SRIMAD – "Krishna, thou Lord of feeling. Move between objects but still feel affected by them. Thou sure and show us perfect. : Located in the world and it is not.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – "Like bees, collecting honey from different flowers. Smart people get the essence of different Scriptures and sees only good in all religions.

BHAGAVATAM SRIMAD – "My Lord, you are most controls without beginning and end of every common one. To publish your mercy, you were all dissensions between the mass of life because of social Sex

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – "a respect for your bow. 0 Lord of the stomach. Fields marked with depression, such as the lotus always decorated with garlands of lotus, a rapid cooling and the feet are engraved with lotus lotus

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – "is to respect your bow. 0 God, the belly is marked with flowers. Lotus to depression. Always decorated with garlands of lotus, a rapid cooling and the feet are engraved with lotus lotus

BHAGAVATAM SRIMAD – "Shun pride and jealousy. Stop thinking of "I" and I "all … As long as the spirit of unity in diversity and not fool yourself thinking of that. Own as a separate action, the action and experiencer "effect. He remains under the health knowledge and death and suffering are bound by their own actions better. Or bad.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – "The churning of the ocean to the other. Vaidya Ratna or Dhanvantri doctor Cosmic healing touch. In his hand he carried a jug of nectar Dhanvantri prepared samhitas in Ayurveda in eight agencies for the benefit of mankind. He is the father of Indian medicine.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – "The play festival with condensation. gopis in a band with Krishna, Controller of the Mystic union organizer among the women affectionately call their own.

BHAGAVATAM SRIMAD – "The most charitable is อด of violence

BHAGAVATAM SRIMAD – you "the truth will be seen as temporary in the know. Know this took a cap on the truth of you, and you know that they are indeed innocent God-free.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – "the truth as you see in the temporary do not know. Know this took a cap on the truth of you and know that Thy is a pure free, God, of course.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM. – "I truly Thep in all But I seemed most people. Human heart is a residential favorite.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM. – "He who is wise indeed. unstirred by praise or blame or hatred with love. He will not move the opposite of life. He is not happy in Happy. Self.

SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM – "Truth has many Infinite truth on many performances. But sages speak in a variety of unique displays. Truth.

BHAGAVATAM SRIMAD – "under the swing of momentum. strong man without self-control intentional actions they know to be full of difficulties in the future. But people of my discrimination. The desire to move but ever conscious of the evil in them, and do not yield that effect them. But also single

SWAMI PARTHASARATHY – "The deals with Brahma Ramayana. Ravana issue of the authorized punishment through the good auspices of Thoughts feeds the hungry desire fuel. But when their appetite and show the world that God is oppressed by the need to turn to for help intelligence.

SWAMI PARTHASARATHY. – "This appeal is before the school prayer or the performance of the Ramayana epic that tells a great good people falling from happiness to sorrow. Slavery and then fighting back to his original state. Rama's wife Sita and brother. Lakshmana, he shows loyalty Atman ego and mind respectively.

SWAMI ABHEDANANDA – if for the time you know that you are a child of God and others. In addition to the children of God, you will have harmony Objectives, and if you know that happiness is a goal of every platform you stand on the broad and universal and not just the brothers. But the brothers of universal oneness.

SWAMI BHOOMANANDA TIRTHA. – "In an effort increase, potential leaders and corporate executives, many miss the fact that the singular. Most effective of all resources found in them.

TIRTHA BHOOMANANDA SWAMI – "the idea. Potential energy and creativity in the world. Will begin to shape people know '. When used in conjunction with others who think that kind grows to cover the process alive. More people.

SWAMI BODHANANDA – "Realise. And the potential of your people know that they

SWAMI BRAHMANANDA – "to seek God, I will leave precious gems and garlands. And I would decorate my body with ash is that hermitages of the sages and rishis depth knowledge of me, I will be in the mountains, snow clad, and I will do penance – nothing will stop me Every day I immersed myself in deep meditation, and one day I will become one forever with love, not a part of me again and I will rejoice and sing praise to my love.

SWAMI BRAHMANANDA – "the world was created so that if you want your happiness to endure the pain. Whether you prefer. Or you can have no other. Other.

SWAMI CHAITANYA KEERTI – "One really does not need or scientists. Research to know the health effects of anger, one of One has only to be significant The people are furious start sending vibrations of anger and violence around him. Just stand close To such a person may make you feel nauseated. His presence is closely uncomfortable. On the other hand, when you stand close to people. meditates you will feel uplifted; Feel comfortable around you.

SWAMI CHIDVILASANANDA – "a life of constant awareness of God is. How you can in each situation unique. All times are different every time the new and mysterious all the time.

YOGA VASHISHTA – "Forget the self and consciousness through the conditioning and is known as the heart. … This jiva, is part of the infinite consciousness that has assumed the consciousness of the object is wrapped with a little mental. Jiva is moving from the truth of consciousness infinite … in a manner related to the world. Self does not jiva, or 'body or parts of their area is like. Independent of these

VASISHTA YOGA. – "King of the world capital of the world they were not satisfied as far as boss of the city, the city's own body and their core of their hearts.

YOGA VASISHTA – "all existing and what is not as experienced. – Clouds in the sky dream … formations thrown up and change traditional patterns. Even for a look – changing the world. It seems stable and no changes in your account do not know. In this world of infinite space is much like our own world, one human. World is not experienced by others. … ".

VASISHTA YOGA – "Arise. The antidote to age and die is rounded knowledge of wealth and prosperity; Happiness and enjoyments harm us but to serve the good of others. , They are usually only makes sick, and the frames are our

YOGA VASISHTA – "As long as you do not destroy your mind can not remove your You will not be able to control your mind is not peaceful. So the truth. Control of the mind and to abandon the cause of the common spiritual happiness.

YOGA VASISHTA – "Brahmn Brahmn and knowledge in itself.

YOGA VASISHTA – "Death does not desire to destroy those who do not put them on his body jewels, evil does not kill the thief. Travelers without the gold chain around his neck.

VASISHTA YOGA – "and myself to jump into the sea calm the spirit. Monastic life and wash your Tip of the concentration toothsome Snorkeling and scuba diving in the depth of Unity and fly from the second wave of salt and a variety of brackish water

YOGA VASISHTA – "Knowing that the world contains consciousness. People be wise to think of his dominance in the international and roams free The universe is an area in his own consciousness.

YOGA VASISHTA – "Shiva with his consort in half of his body. But he has the power to burn up even the God of love. They have the authority to abandon all attachment or love. But he will run as if he attached to his spouse. He has nothing to by the rest. To not install anything to get him with no attached. … While performing the duties of his enlightened world to work in the same way people ignorant. Difference between bondage. And the release of the single state of consciousness. … Enlightened consciousness is affected by the increase and the likes and dislikes and mental actions. Supra – when the conscious mind firmly in the consciousness that he and unconditionally, even these differences disappear.

VASISHTA YOGAPrince "Rama: To dissolve the visible universe, the world now – Not to? Sage Vasishta: freedom is called heaven. Snacks? So even without 'things' called the world's independent. Brahmn Absolute as cold as ice separated from what is called a world separate from Brahmn … create the world has no beginning no. It does not even have access to this destruction?

YOGA VASISHTA – "Prince Rama: How is it that the world has to like the truth? As long as the perceiver and the perceived already in hand, and when they are completed to the release. … Sage Vasishta: The world of egotism and the object is not much experience. Building and what is not so. Brahmn address is certain … when Absolute 'think' it is a jiva,. thejiva nature – appear as sleep. People appear to create a variety of animals in itself without leaving a real unique and just by thinking only of themselves, or will Absolute imported thousands of these animals are not. Have less suffering or change.

YOGA VASISHTA – "Rama: When universes. And melting occurs in the infinite consciousness. I will teach you infinite nature of them why. Sage Vasishta: the way that you get the understanding that the world is a long dream. You have to gain knowledge about the relationship between the object and meaning, or meaning. So all this discussion of a global nature and the imagination is not empty. More … when, together with all the knowledge to know you reached the third period. (Past, present and future), you'll find all this a reality. The atoms of all nations have universes. Anan – even after authorities have?

VASISHTA YOGA – "the cause of happiness and misery of man is the agent of deception World's extended term as chief of the mind and the actors. Atman sat silent observer of the scene.

YOGA VASISHTA – "eternal will not fulfill the rites and rituals without the worship of wealth; It will meet with the win. Mind the growing intelligence, so everyone – God, demons gods – Demi or person should continuously ask … Win the heart and control the effects of their intelligence. When the mind is calm pure quiet without misunderstanding or hallucination. untangled and free from cravings for what is not or does not deny anything. This self-control or win. – One in four keepers – the door release. All that is good and auspicious flow of self-control. … Of experience in health status as a control. Incomparable He invested all natural. None (not even demons, and Goblins) hate him. Controls, 0 Rama is the best medicine. All physical and mental ills.

YOGA VASISHTA – "king of the land, the capital of the world is not satisfied as far as boss of the city's own body and Master of your own mind.

YOGA VASISHTA – "the idea of enlightened not happy or unhappy in the state. In motion or not stable. Not true or not true. But both proposals. … As a mental condition. (Which is unknown). The characterization of Actions and because they lack the experience and enlightened. The latter is always happy. His actions are not actions. Thus, he incurs no merit and demerit of his behavior is so Children and although he appears in pain did not. He was single all this world, nature and actions of the mind and feelings. I did not enjoy the concept. I of the release and whether the chain They see themselves and their alone.

YOGA VASISHTA – "the idea of the real World of objects occurs only in the know. If the object does not really know how they want to happen? Although a 'and freedom' as a meaningless But the world's consciousness; If that is not so no 'I' or 'that' may comprehended.

YOGA VASISHTA – "The Supreme Self is not correlated with the nature. – The World in a mirror reflection of objects that are not available. True or not true, it ambiguous, even to the body that does not appear in their true or not true. But their ambiguity … is never touched by pain and pleasure But the idea itself to the body through the experience of physical abandon superstition are released. … Independent state.

VASISHTA. YOGA. – "When you do what you should burn yourself completely, such as a fire at well leave no traces. If you own renounces everything and everything within it are void of sense infinite when the rest of the state of the lamp does not cancel all such fuel that Light with a maximum capacity, such as lamp oil fuel. Even after you are renouncing etc kingdom. Similarly, even conscious mind that has been ignored. … that is infinite in wisdom of taking all or most of the self; The pot is empty most of the precious gems were stored. Is by taking all like that. Sakya Muni over to the government suspected that he founded the firm. Therefore, 0 King, has left everything on the form and the conditions you find yourself abandoned the idea of even! I have abandoned all, and remain in the highest state of peace.

VASISHTA YOGA – World "in the sports cause of happiness and misery of man is the agent of deception World's extended term as chief of the mind and the actors. atman sat silent view of the scene.

YOGA VASISHTA – "You are not the doer of actions. That this 0 Rama; So why do you suppose doership? When alone and not do anything. Not use both; For what you get by doing what? What will be done. Therefore, in their leisure. Despite all the actions made by nature to you if you are not tied to the actions that you truly not an act. But if you are doing and is adjacent to at doership you who do not! When all this world is like a juggler's trick is to give up and what to ask?

VASISHTA YOGA, Sage – "eternal will not achieve the rites and rituals without the worship of wealth; It will be achieved by winning one of the cultivation Everyone wisdom – God. demons, Lord – Demi or person should continuously ask … Win the heart and control the effects of their intelligence. When the mind is at peace. Pure quiet without misunderstanding or hallucination. untangled and free from cravings for what will no longer be denied or what This self-control, or win one The four gatekeepers to discharge All that is good and auspicious flow of self-control. … A happy experience in the self-control advantage. He invested all natural. None (not even demons, and Goblins) hate him. Self-control, 0 Rama is the best medicine. All physical and mental ills.

VASISHTHA YOGA – "He will make the greatest sacrifice to sacrifice his own mind and effort to abandon the courts of their own.

YOGA VASISHTHA – "brave and intelligent people that intend to defeat the enemy, he must first of all try to destroy the enemy within his own. Heart and mind and their own members. … ".

YOGA VASISHTHA – "The Supreme Spirit is not limited. The time and space to the power of God and His omnipotence in a time when his form. Limitations of time and space. Know that the world has even shown anything concrete. It is important to be void. Just look at the generated pictures and vagaries of the mind to know the world is played by the charming scene of the miracle drug

YOGA VASISHTHA – "the universe is seen correctly. Atman and happiness all But when the invalid will appear in the world. Filled with suffering. He is the spiritual world of knowledge. But he suffers a heart knowledge. Atman, the world is a garden of delight.

YOGA VASISTHA – "He is a doer of good mahakarta of action is. freed of doubt and effective . An act appropriate in a situation that nature. They regarded as fair or adharma without being swayed by likes and dislikes with success and failure without feeling. ego or jealousy on his soul rest in conditions of silence and purity. He is not tied to anything. But still a witness of everything, without selfish motives or needs, without excitement or exultation But with a calm mind is not sad or sorry. Indifference to action and inaction is very calm and natural balance or equilibrium is sustainable in all situations. – The birth or the destruction of all things. He mahatyagi, taking good hold of the concepts like Dharma and his soul. adharma pain and joy to all birth and death questions, all believe that all the errors in that. Pain in the body so that his soul is aware '! There was no body has no right no wrong and do not 'have abandoned all thoughts of his heart in the world of nature.

YOGA VASISTHA – "I am at and I am outraged that President Thep much soul in the universe. I am the consumer and you have our food. … The relationship is not the same likes or dislikes.

YOGA VASISTHA – "in fact not purpose of the universe is not self and not be recognized as such and not indefeasible. inertness is; One is conscious universe.

YOGA VASISTHA – "May you be endowed with a spirit of inquiry in the rest of you. infinite Brahman to all of your delusions may end up where you can achieve. (FAME).

YOGA VDSISHTA – "brave and intelligent people that are determined to overcome his enemies must first attempt to destroy all enemies within his own. Heart and soul and their own members. .. King of the world capital of the world they were not satisfied as far as the city's lord and master of the body's own self. Mind

YOGANANDA – "the universe is the origin of life. Despite what people think is a 'planet' is a symptom of infertility is conscious and therefore not really 'dead'. Consciousness of God is at the heart of All atoms have asked to show themselves outside gradual evolution of all life outside the show. Scientific spirit 'long ago was the heart of all that static. Self infinite.

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