applied sweepers

applied sweepers
Can you run one Antivirus program and have another do only a scheduled scan?

I have read you should not run more than one antivirus program at the same time. Does that only apply to real time scanning / shield? After trying EVERY internet security suite after problems with Trend Micro’s early 2007 version. I am now back with Trend Micro Security Suite 2007 (past bugs fixed apparently). However, to be extra safe I would like to run scheduled daily scans by AVG, single scans only no resident shields or real time protection? Will this cause conflicts too?

I am currently running Ad Aware, Spyware Sweeper, and the Trend Micro Spyware Sweep with no apparent problems there.

Thanks for any tips.


Only have one antivirus program and one firewall installed on your computer.
“Microsoft recommends that you have only one anti-virus program installed on your computer.”
Anti-adware/malware/spyware are ok to have more of.

Applied Sweepers

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